Remington 870 Stocks

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The Remington 870 shotgun is one of the most popular shotguns in history with nearly 10 million manufactured since 1828 with various modifications.  Because of its popularity, most gun enthusiasts own at least one in their gun cabinet.  This popular gun can be customized to fit the owner’s preference with a range of stocks in various colors ranging from black matte to camo.

One of the most popular stocks is made from synthetic material with extreme weather fiberglass to reinforce it.  This stock fits the 12 and 16 gauge.  The Remington 870 side folding stock is also a popular choice because it has some tactical functionality.  This stock is reinforced with black glass packed in nylon for strength and durability.

blackhawk-generation-2-knoxx-stock-black-remington-870-12-gauge-k30100-c BlackHawk Generation 2 Knoxx Stock Black Remington 870 12 Gauge K30100-C
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One glass filled polymer stock for the Remington 870 was designed initially for military and police use.  This stock is perfect for the avid hunter because it has a butt spacer system to help adjust the trigger pull.  This stock is versatile because the possibilities are unlimited by just adding new spacers.

A thumbhole style stock can also be installed.  One stock offers an area in the stock butt where you can store up to five shotgun shells.  You can also lengthen the trigger pull by adding spacers or adjusting the screws.

Another stock offered is a molded, folding butt stock that also has the capacity to carry shells in the butt.  The comb is produced wider and is designed for comfort while shooting.  The folding area is guaranteed to last for many years of use under the harshest weather conditions.

Gun Stock Blanks

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Have you ever thought of carving you own gun stock?  It would be a real challenge for someone that has never done any carving before.  A challenge that I might try one of these days.

First you have to pick out a gun stock blank.  There are different kinds of wood to choose from.  There are different grades of wood to choose from also.  The price will vary depending on the grade and type of wood.

The lowest price is maple or claro walnut, around 25 to 35 dollars, for a better grade of maple it will range from 50 to 400 dollars. Better grades of claro and English walnut can range from 50 to 1500 dollars.

gun-stock-blank-b-46 GUN STOCK BLANK B-46
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There are  single piece and two piece stocks.  For double barrel shotguns the blank needs to be wider.  It just depends what you are looking for.  I am sure there is a gun stock that you can find that will fit your gun.

Thumbhole Stocks

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Thumbhole stocks are made so that you can put your thumb through the gun stock.  When this is done you have a better grip on the stock, which will make you have more control over the gun and lead to better accuracy. When you hold one it’s almost like holding a pistol grip.  There are several advantages to having a thumbhole stock.

  • Improves comfort
  • Improves long range shooting
  • Improves accuracy
  • Heavier weight helps stability
  • Helps reduce recoil


Thumbhole stocks are made in Laminate, Wood and Synthetic for rifles and shotguns.  Remington thumbhole stocks are very popular.  I would like to have one for my 10-22 Ruger, because I would like to compete in some shooting matches and it helps you with your accuracy.

You can also have them custom made just like the Synthetic and Hardwood stocks.  There is such an advantage to having a thumbhole stock, its just hard to list them all.